To Do List

Students with disabilities may qualify for various state services to assist them after graduation. Below is a to-do list for parents to utilize both during a students final year, as well as during the transition process in the years leading up to graduation. For further information, please contact your school social worker or Vocational Instructor.

  • Apply to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) as early as possible: definitely by age 18.
  • Apply for Supplemental Security income (SSI) and Medicaid /Title 19 (enroll in Fee for Service/Straight) at age 18.
  • Consider guardianship and other alternatives to guardianship. Guardianship, which can be applied for 6 months prior to age 18, is the legal power to care for another person and manage his/her affairs. Parents are not automatically their adult child's guardians. When people become adults at age 18, they get all the legal rights and responsibilities of any adult. Only the courts can appoint a guardian. Contact your local probate court.
  • Participate in the Level of Need interview (LON) with DDS staff. This is an assessment tool used to determine what level of supports and funding should be provided to support you. Identify your employment goal and the supports that will best meet your needs in your Individual Plan. (IP)
  • If eligible, apply to the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) to determine eligibility for employment services. Discuss employment goals.
  • Meet with a BRS Benefits Counselor to understand how job wages impact Social Security benefits and can be managed. Learn more about Social Security Work Incentives.
  • Obtain a State of CT ID card (if you don't have a CT Drivers License) and learn how/when to use it to communicate personal information.
  • Apply for a Public Transportation reduced fare card and /or Para Transit services that may be needed to get to your job.
  • Identify and visit approved Adult Service Providers the year prior to exiting public school. Consider hiring and managing your own supports. Choose providers/supports early in the year that you will leave school. Contact your DDS Case Manager for assistance or call your regional Helpline. You may also contact your social worker, or vocational Instructional instructor at the Gengras Center for further assistance.
  • Use the Summary of Performance that you completed with your school team to help adult providers/support people get to know you and what type of supports you need.
  • Be sure your Career Portfolio is updated with all your work experiences, volunteering and jobs as well as a current resume. Be sure it is portable and can be shared with adult support providers.
  • Obtain a paid job prior to graduation that matches your career preferences and strengths.

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