Technology comes in many forms and we tap into all of them to assist our students. Low tech devices, high tech and everything in between can be found in some form in our building.

  • SMART Boards are in every classroom to add an interactive and visual component to lessons
  • Intellikeys, touch screens and numerous computers outfit classrooms and therapy spaces
  • Software is used in a variety of ways, such as with basic learning, to increase access to the curriculum, to learn cause and effect, as well as for picture communication through Boardmaker Plus or Boardmaker Studio
  • Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAs) are used in all environments whether a device is dedicated to one student or used for lesson enhancement
  • Switches provide access to traditional toys, appliances and equipment by enabling each student to play, work and be as independent as possible
  • iPads are used in classrooms and therapy sessions with apps appropriate to the student's developmental, academic, and functional skill levels.

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