C-114: Mr. Girard

The A-7/C-114 family has experienced great changes in the last few years; however, its core values remain the same. Mutual respect and affection, unwavering belief in our individual and collective abilities, strong work ethics, social consciences, and appreciation for the healing power of humor guide the development of our adult selves. With an emphasis on vocational skills, a wide range of daily living skills, exercise and nutritional awareness, contemporary social issues, and the development of healthy leisure skills, our curriculum aims to create well-rounded individuals and conscientious citizens. As everywhere at Gengras, the unequivocal worth of each individual is the C-114 foundation. Empowered by this bedrock certainty, C-114 sends its students in myriad directions in search of the one true Grail-quest prize: the realization of their best adult selves. C-114 is the proud home of perpetual heroic effort!

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