A-6: Mrs. Roberts-McGee

A-6 is a transition classroom that primarily focuses on the development of the life skills needed when students graduate. Our class participates in various community outings which include shopping for classroom and personal items such as hygiene necessities, leisure, exercise and seasonal activities. Each month the students of A-6 will choose a different community service initiative to participate in or provide needed items for. The community service project helps students learn how they can assist others and be an active part of their community. This year we are focusing on functional communication in order to promote self-advocacy as well as address social/behavioral needs. The students within this class benefit from structured small group instruction in which they can use technology to practice real life skills prior to implementing them in the community. Students also participate in the Gengras Center vocational program and work at assigned jobs on campus such as a campus recycling team, cleaning in the College Café, cleaning the Gengras Center kitchen after lunch and helping maintain cleaning in the O’Connell Center on campus in preparation and anticipation of being part of a work team in an adult agency.

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