Transition Program

The Transition Program at the Gengras Center supports students and families through the transition from school to adult life. It meets the needs of students ages 18-21 who have completed required high school coursework, but need additional life skills instruction. The program gives them the opportunity to hone real-world skills in the classroom and in the community. These authentic experiences lead to greater independence in students' post-secondary lives.

Vocational Programming

  • Career Education curriculum
  • Community Training Program (laundry services, food services, retail, custodial, landscaping, and basic carpentry)
  • On-going situational assessments
  • Resume building

Functional Programming

  • Functional Academics
  • Business Enterprise
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Health
  • Computers and Technology

Transitional Programming

  • Social skills training
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Safety skills (cyber safety, stranger awareness, etc.)
  • Related Services (OT, PT, and Speech/Language) as needed
  • Art, Music, and Physical Education
  • Family/Interagency Collaboration to establish connections post-grad
  • Leisure Activities/Skills
  • Group and/or Individual Counseling
  • Graduation Group - a final year of biweekly community outings to access adult programs and services

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