B-14: Ms. Glabau

Welcome to B-14! Our goal is to motivate and excite each student as we foster their social, behavioral, academic, physical and emotional growth. While each student’s program is highly individualized and driven by their IEP, they are still taught in a variety of different groups and settings using various techniques and tools. Assistive technology is utilized to maximize each student’s ability to communicate and interact with their peers. Our highly structured daily routine includes periods that focus on functional math, language arts, social studies, science, daily living skills, as well as vocational readiness. Some of our favorite activities include cooking, morning meeting, and weekly trips to the library here on campus. We also complete an end of the week newspaper page full of pictures that highlight each student's weekly activities for them to then share with their family. As a team we strive to educate and enrich the lives of each student.

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