Physical Education

At the Gengras Center we engage minds and emotions, bodies and souls: they are all interconnected and integral to a full and meaningful life. It’s the same idea behind our physical education program. Our games and interscholastic athletics build strong bodies, promote self-image, and encourage self-confidence.

When the weather does not cooperate with our plans, we utilize our new state-of-the-art gym. It’s the perfect size for all of the unique activities specially designed to fit the needs of our students. It also houses our own Imagination Playground where students can build and play with over-sized blue blocks that help initiate peer-to-peer interaction and cooperative learning.

We also work closely with the Center’s physical and occupational therapy departments to create additional activities that further enhance the daily movement and mobility skills of our students. Ongoing personal assessments are part of our physical education program, and a full-time registered nurse is always on site.

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