Functional & Core Academic Classes

Our functional academic high school classes for students ages 14-18 simulates a typical high school environment and offers curriculum for credit in core academic areas including: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Art, Music, Health & Safety and Communication. Following an interdisciplinary model, we focus on the development of skills needed to be successful in all settings with special emphasis on vocational and social communication skills.

All the students are exposed to a wide variety of courses, activities and learning tools such as:

  • Educational technology- SMART Boards, iPads, Computers, and AlphaSmarts
  • School-wide learning events such as the Career Fair
  • Team sports in soccer and floor hockey
  • Thematic field trips
  • Adventure Education
  • Community Service
  • School dances
  • Drama
  • Chorus

All high school students who meet the credit requirements of their local school districts may be awarded high school diplomas when completing their educational eligibility at age 21.

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