High School

We offer a distinct High School Program

Our functional & core academic classes have courses in the core subject areas that are of value to students throughout their adult lives. Students in this program are exposed to many topics used in daily living as well as in future career or vocational options.

In addition, we offer high school classrooms which focus on life skills and incorporates functional academics within the curriculum. Students in these classes experience many community outings as well as building vocational skills.

All high school classes are enhanced with various activities in the community and opportunities for involvement in music, art, drama, and physical education.

High school students have access to:

  • a beautiful, safe campus environment
  • the latest technology including computers, software, AlphaSmarts, SMART Boards, and iPads
  • social skills training and communication instruction

Also, we have classrooms for students on the autism spectrum needing highly supported academic classes. Utilizing the philosophies of ABA, students receive high quality instruction and behavioral intervention.

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